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November 10, 2013 “Alarm news”


Warm, dry, feeling pleasant am I.

Hope this note finds you well.

Every so often, I have what I call ‘alarm news’.  Despite having seen it puffed up being big and with its gravelly alarm news voice, I still get drawn in by the ‘alarm news’ program.

This time, the ‘alarm news’ is the scan results.  The CT scan of my chest, abdomen and pelvis, shows disease progression, which means there are visible groups of cancer cells where they were not identifiable earlier.

I’ve been taken off the chemotherapy I was on, just recently, and have agreed to further treatment.  My Dr at Grand River Regional Cancer Centre will look into finding a suitable treatment and also look into funding for it.

The standard charts show a 4-6 month survive ability for patients in my situation, without additional chemotherapy.

The alarm announcer needs to calm down and fade into the background again.

Let’s invite Cirque de Soleil and marvel at their prowess!  Let’s catch the highlights of the Triathlon races!  The marathon in Vegas!

It isn’t avoidance.  I know full well it is there, I can’t even ignore it.  However, I choose where I put my time and energy!

Thank you most sincerely for visiting my Lea Says Hello page.



August 15, 2013


August 15, chemo was a ‘go’.  My weight is holding steady at 116 pounds.

I’m starting a deliberate, slow exercise routine.  Walking for now, and a bit on the exercise cycle.  My main goal is not to overdo it.  I can see myself being quite enthusiastic and doing too much.  Well, I typically do that!

Happy weekend!


Chemo and an exciting quiche


Blood counts were ‘go’ for chemo today.  Fever watch is still on.  I had an almost-alarm fever this morning, but all signs were clear at the hospital so we went ahead with the chemo dose today.

I stopped at the grocery store on the way home from the hospital (it’s on the bus route) for ingredients for a quiche.  Not just any quiche, but one after the fashion of what a dear friend made for me.  Broccoli, asparagus, artichoke hearts, summer sausage, spinach on top.  No crust.  A little gluten-free baking mix in the eggs, along with the almond milk.

For a first attempt, it’s a good one!  it’s very firm, next time I would add more almond milk.

Food is on my mind a lot, because I have lost another 3 pounds since my last check-in 2 weeks ago.  I only weigh 116 pounds now!  Food and eating seem to take up more of my thoughts than much of anything else.

Signing off for now,






Tuesday, no, Monday overnight I was uncomfortable with a fever.  Not high enough to warrant a hospital visit.  I’ve taken Tylenol to keep the temperature down, once I determine it is not too high.

This afternoon, my temperature was not indicative of fever.  It was normal.

So I am wondering if this is the end of that fever session…  I certainly hope so!



Good results



Good results – I was cleared for today’s chemo treatment, and my “CA15” blood results are only 500 today compared to 3500 a few weeks ago.  CA15 is a measure of the cancer cells floating in my bloodstream, so a reduction is good news.

Back to chemotherapy


I’m back to chemotherapy as of this morning.  Eribulin, third round.  I declined a dose reduction since I already have a reduced dose, and I am not feeling sick this time around.  I’ll be using an immune-booster daily injection starting on Sunday, to help my white blood cell counts stay up.

What a thunderstorm!  Hope the weather broke from the super hot, in your area also.

Home from the hospital


28th of June to the 10th of July, I was in the Guelph General Hospital with Febrile Neutropenia.  That means I had a high fever (39.5 degrees Celsuis) whlie having very low white blood cell (neutrophil) counts.

After many antibiotics, I finally had a 48-hour period of not having a fever, so I was released home.  I’m still quite weak, and i sleep a lot.  My goal is to gradually sit more during the day, to build up my muscles after having been in the hospital bed over a week.  I’m also eating frequently (thank you to my fairy godmothers you know who you are – I have many of them!).  The fridge is filled to overflowing and I am happily indulging.

What was the source of the fever?  That remains an unknown.  Perhaps it was viral.

So, i am happy to be home, and I sit on the front porch and look at the impatiens.  I’ve just checked the saved phone messages, so I apologise for not getting back to you sooner.  I’m sending a few email replies as I am able.



News – catching up


A bit of catching up to do.  WordPress will take some getting used to.  The previous web page software became obsolete on the site we are using.

Not sure how far back to go.  I’ve finished the radiation treatments to my head, for the lesion found on my cerebellum.

I surrendered my drivers license in exchange for a Ontario photo ID card.

Started a new chemotherapy, about 3 weeks ago.  Had the first dose, then second dose was delayed for low neutrophil counts.  Was sick but neutrophils were high enough for chemo so I had the planned dose this past Thursday.

Hope to continue beating this cold before the chemo brings my counts down.  Ger is sick too so hoping he continues to get better also.