August 29: scan results, chemo


I asked for a preview of my CT scan results of my chest, abdomen and pelvis today, the ones my team lead oncologist will be discussing with me tomorrow at Grand River.

Good news on both indicators, the CA15 and the lesion sizes.

The CA15 (blood cancer cell counts) are down to 188 from 542.

All of the lesions on my liver have decreased in size.  For example, the largest lesions which were about 8.5 cm across are now about 4.8 cm across.

I was also good to go, according to my blood test this morning, for another round of chemo, so I had chemo today.  I’m booked back at the Guelph hospital in a week for the second dose of this 5th cycle.

Tomorrow at Grand River, I will find out how many cycles of this chemo my team lead oncologist is hoping I will tolerate.

More good news – I am holding steady with my weight.  I weighed in at 116 pounds again, the same as last week.  I would like to see that number go up.

Happy long weekend to everyone!


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