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November 10, 2013 “Alarm news”


Warm, dry, feeling pleasant am I.

Hope this note finds you well.

Every so often, I have what I call ‘alarm news’.  Despite having seen it puffed up being big and with its gravelly alarm news voice, I still get drawn in by the ‘alarm news’ program.

This time, the ‘alarm news’ is the scan results.  The CT scan of my chest, abdomen and pelvis, shows disease progression, which means there are visible groups of cancer cells where they were not identifiable earlier.

I’ve been taken off the chemotherapy I was on, just recently, and have agreed to further treatment.  My Dr at Grand River Regional Cancer Centre will look into finding a suitable treatment and also look into funding for it.

The standard charts show a 4-6 month survive ability for patients in my situation, without additional chemotherapy.

The alarm announcer needs to calm down and fade into the background again.

Let’s invite Cirque de Soleil and marvel at their prowess!  Let’s catch the highlights of the Triathlon races!  The marathon in Vegas!

It isn’t avoidance.  I know full well it is there, I can’t even ignore it.  However, I choose where I put my time and energy!

Thank you most sincerely for visiting my Lea Says Hello page.