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August 15, 2013


August 15, chemo was a ‘go’.  My weight is holding steady at 116 pounds.

I’m starting a deliberate, slow exercise routine.  Walking for now, and a bit on the exercise cycle.  My main goal is not to overdo it.  I can see myself being quite enthusiastic and doing too much.  Well, I typically do that!

Happy weekend!


Chemo and an exciting quiche


Blood counts were ‘go’ for chemo today.  Fever watch is still on.  I had an almost-alarm fever this morning, but all signs were clear at the hospital so we went ahead with the chemo dose today.

I stopped at the grocery store on the way home from the hospital (it’s on the bus route) for ingredients for a quiche.  Not just any quiche, but one after the fashion of what a dear friend made for me.  Broccoli, asparagus, artichoke hearts, summer sausage, spinach on top.  No crust.  A little gluten-free baking mix in the eggs, along with the almond milk.

For a first attempt, it’s a good one!  it’s very firm, next time I would add more almond milk.

Food is on my mind a lot, because I have lost another 3 pounds since my last check-in 2 weeks ago.  I only weigh 116 pounds now!  Food and eating seem to take up more of my thoughts than much of anything else.

Signing off for now,






Tuesday, no, Monday overnight I was uncomfortable with a fever.  Not high enough to warrant a hospital visit.  I’ve taken Tylenol to keep the temperature down, once I determine it is not too high.

This afternoon, my temperature was not indicative of fever.  It was normal.

So I am wondering if this is the end of that fever session…  I certainly hope so!