Good results



Good results – I was cleared for today’s chemo treatment, and my “CA15” blood results are only 500 today compared to 3500 a few weeks ago.  CA15 is a measure of the cancer cells floating in my bloodstream, so a reduction is good news.

2 thoughts on “Good results

  1. Joe Tindale

    Hi Lea
    I have been thinking of you more than a few times but it has been ages since I checked your website. I was delighted to check in today and hear your “good results” message! I hope the new chemo treatment is effective for you.
    I am no longer involved in the executive of GTC but I still belong to the club and I still train for triathlon although right now I am sidelined with a knee injury.
    thinking of you,

    1. Post author

      Hi Joe!
      I was thinking of the GTC this morning as I did some indoor cycling. I was actually told by my doctors that having been involved with triathlon practices back a couple years enhanced my recovery from the spinal surgery. Good memories too!

      The new chemo is bringing down the cancer counts, so yay!

      I’m sorry to hear about your knee injury and wish you much healing.



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