Monthly Archives: July 2013

Good results



Good results – I was cleared for today’s chemo treatment, and my “CA15” blood results are only 500 today compared to 3500 a few weeks ago.  CA15 is a measure of the cancer cells floating in my bloodstream, so a reduction is good news.

Back to chemotherapy


I’m back to chemotherapy as of this morning.  Eribulin, third round.  I declined a dose reduction since I already have a reduced dose, and I am not feeling sick this time around.  I’ll be using an immune-booster daily injection starting on Sunday, to help my white blood cell counts stay up.

What a thunderstorm!  Hope the weather broke from the super hot, in your area also.

Home from the hospital


28th of June to the 10th of July, I was in the Guelph General Hospital with Febrile Neutropenia.  That means I had a high fever (39.5 degrees Celsuis) whlie having very low white blood cell (neutrophil) counts.

After many antibiotics, I finally had a 48-hour period of not having a fever, so I was released home.  I’m still quite weak, and i sleep a lot.  My goal is to gradually sit more during the day, to build up my muscles after having been in the hospital bed over a week.  I’m also eating frequently (thank you to my fairy godmothers you know who you are – I have many of them!).  The fridge is filled to overflowing and I am happily indulging.

What was the source of the fever?  That remains an unknown.  Perhaps it was viral.

So, i am happy to be home, and I sit on the front porch and look at the impatiens.  I’ve just checked the saved phone messages, so I apologise for not getting back to you sooner.  I’m sending a few email replies as I am able.