Lea says goodbye

PUBLIC MEMORIAL SERVICE FOR ALL TO ATTEND: SATURDAY JAN 4, 2014 @ 1:00PM. Guelph Bible Chapel, 491 Waterloo Rd aka 216 Silvercreek Pkwy South. Guelph.


Lea Allison Prentice passed away the morning of Sat, Dec 7, 2013 from complications due to cancer. She died while at home, as she wanted, not in a hospital, with her husband Gerry tending to her shortly before her body shut down.

Lea had been steadily battling cancer for nearly three years straight, after it returned in the start of 2011. For the past three years, it was an unending cycle of treatments that knocked it out or far down under control, which then stopped working shortly after, allowing the disease to show up in yet another organ each time.

Given the severity of her initial round of fast-attacking cancer in the start of 2009, and the fact the oncologist who took her case believed that the growth was too rapid and expansive to be able to get under control initially, Lea managed to squeeze an extra five years of life beyond where it was expected to have ended. Each and every day of that time was treasured for the bonus time that it was from all whom she touched.

A private ceremony for close family only was held in Guelph on Dec 12. As per her request, her ashes will be scattered into the ocean outside of St Johns harbour, Newfoundland, sometime later this year.

A public celebration of her life will be held on Saturday, January 3, 2014 in Guelph for all to attend. {Details to be updated here later}

Wife of Gerry for 14 years, friend for 19. Firstborn daughter of Jim Saigle and Patricia Saigle. Daughter-in-law of Gerry and Barb Prentice. Sister of Wendelin Aubrey (Derek), Caleb and Brianne. Sister-in-law of Cam Prentice.

Because Lea spent so much time in the Ambulatory Care Section of the Guelph General Hospital, receiving her weekly or biweekly treatments, checkups and monitorings over the past five years, the support staff became more than professionals tending to her. Gerry was glad to have spent much time with them as well, and know she was not only in good hands, but friendly hands while she was there. It is our intention to create a special fund for the hospital in Lea’s name, to be used SPECIFICALLY to DIRECTLY enhance and further improve the experiences for future patients in this area.

Lea Prentice Feb 15 1975 - Dec 7 2013

Lea Prentice Feb 15 1975 – Dec 7 2013

30 thoughts on “Lea says goodbye

  1. Eric Peterson

    Our most heartfelt and sincere condolences for your loss, Gerry. We’re incredibly grateful to have known Lea as well as we did.

    Eric and Anita

  2. Lori Vamos

    Her journey changed my life and I know I am a better person for having known her even if it was only for this last year.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you Gerry.

    Lori Vamos and Family

    1. Jean Earls a

      We were blessed to have known Lea. We will miss her great smile but know that she is at peace in heaven. Our prayers are with you, Gerry and your family. Jerry and jean

    1. Linda Milburn

      I am so sorry for your loss Gerry. Lea was one of a kind, unique in every way. May she rest in eternal peace with the angels.

  3. John Hurst

    I am sorry to hear about your wife’s passing, and I offer you my sincere condolences. You and I chatted through Experts-Exchange earlier when your wife’s illness came to light there.

    We will keep you and your family in our prayers, and I think you and I are geographically close if there is anything I can do to help you.

  4. Coral Bentley

    Gerry, I have never known you well at all, but you are dear to me anyway. I have no idea how to say what I’m feeling, except that I hope you know that I would be honoured to come if you ever asked. *hugs*

  5. Judy and Keith Pirson

    Death leaves a heartache that only time can heal. Love leaves us memories that time can not steal!
    As close friends of your mother, we have cried during the difficult times and rejoiced during the triumphant times of Leas’ illness. Our prayers were with Lea, daily. Her outlook on life, her strength and her ability to except Gods plans for her was what made her a uniquely wonderful inspiration to everyone.
    Know that she soars with the angels!

  6. Deryck Aubrey

    Gerry, I am sorry to hear of the loss of your dear wife. Though I’d been acquainted with Lea since years before I knew Wendy existed, I didn’t really start to “know” her until Wendy and I were married. When we visited together, I always felt privileged to share the little world the two of you had created in your cosy home. While my chronic illness caused me to withdraw from being a gregarious and outgoing person (remarkably, things seeming not taken from Lea, despite the seriousness of her illness), I lost touch with most people. At the same time, I wish I had reserved some special effort to specifically and actively stay in touch, and somehow, in some way, be a better-quality brother-in-law to her. That said, I feel sad for Wendy’s loss, and – however the bigger picture looks – it is my top priority to give her whatever she needs through this process, and beyond. But I’m also sad for you, and your loss, being closest of anyone to Lea. I am not sure what I can offer you, except that I know you are most deserving of it. Many people will – in kindness and utter sincerity – say they will leave a door open to you, though in many cases, these good intentions will be unrealised. As MY door is all the way over in Scotland, I strongly encourage you to take up many of these people up on their offers – free cooking, a sounding board where you can vent, an offer of a day’s distracting amusement – whatever it is. This is all of the support I cannot offer you personally, but wish for you earnestly. There is an apt Scottish expression: “Shy bairns get nae sweeties” (shy children don’t get candy, or: don’t ask, don’t get). Don’t be too stoic and let some people in, and let them do for you. Lea would want you to have all the support you care to have…. so, dammit, man, get some sweeties! About my door, it’s really only as far away as e-mail or skype. I’d feel honoured if you gave it a “knock”. In the meantime, take care as best you can.

  7. Alanna Williams

    I am so sorry to hear of your loss my thoughts and prayers are with you and your Family. Rest in Peace Lea.

  8. Susan

    Hi Gerry,
    I’m So Very Sorry for your loss. Remember all the good times you and Lea shared. Her strength to fight was her love for life and her love for you. The small amount of time I got to speak to her through e-mail was a very precious amount of time. She had a drive about her that would make others strive for. I wish I could have known her more. Take time to be in nature and feel her sprit that will always be with you. She is a bright and beautiful Angle of God now with no more pain, fear, or tears. God Bless You !! <3

  9. The Davis Family, St. John's, Newfoundland

    Gerry, please accept our sincere condolences on Lea’s passing. Our thoughts are with you at this sad and difficult time. Remember all the good times you had with Lea and keep them in your heart. Linda, Eldon, Greg, Chris & Nicole

  10. Julie Patricia

    I’m so sorry for your loss. She was one of the kindest people I’ve ever had the privilege to talk with, and I’ll miss her. You are in our thoughts.

    – Julie, Mark, and Luke

  11. janice Wiseman

    Gerry, the news of Lea’s death has left me deeply saddened. Knowing her over the years, both through the food group, and later, personally, I was always impressed by how hard she fought and her seemingly endless fund of good cheer. I shall remember her as she is in the photos of her laughing in the snow. My thoughts go out to you and your family who were always there for Lea. Janice Wiseman

  12. Steve

    I have felt a closeness to you and your family since we met by way of Minecraft and upon learning of your illness I felt even closer. It is hard to put into words the sorrow we feel, however my daughter put it simply when I broke the news to her. Wow, she isnt hurting anymore. Thoughts and Prayers to you from our family.

  13. Graham 'GruzDeku' Hart

    I’ve never met the pair of you in reality, only ever online, but even my family know who you are, and my wife was just as shocked as i was to learn of her passing. She really was a very special person going through so much and despite that always seeming happy. That’s a very nice collection of pictures, and i think the picture of her with a shaved head and a full beam smile in particular is an amazing one. I will miss her lots, even though we met through the fictional world of Ethicraft, we had a lot of talks about things that didn’t involve Ethicraft and she was always willing to listen, and occasionally share stories herself. She was a great ambassador that helped people feel like we weren’t just gamers, but human beings who all held a similar interest and could communicate worldwide with each other about anything and everything. So despite losing an ‘online connection’ it feels like I’ve lost a very close friend. You are both in this family’s thoughts this Christmas and beyond. Hopefully someday me and my family will get to meet this ‘Boomod’ person (Gerry Prentice).

  14. Laura Eins

    Gerry, my condolences go out to you and Lea’s loved ones. Her spirit will live on in all of us who loved and had the privilege of having known her. Even though we hadn’t been regularly acquainted in years, her kindness and wit have impressed me always. I have happy and funny stories of knowing her in grade school and am glad to have seen her even if only briefly within the last couple of years. If ever you’d like to share memories of Lea, don’t hesitate to contact me. You will be in my prayers, again I’m sorry for your loss.

  15. stefanie bergie

    I never got to meet Lea in person, but I was lucky enough to hear many stories about her life and how she was doing, through Barb. She was so inspirational in her constant positive attitude even though she had so many tough set backs, I am so happy she got to celebrate this Halloween with her husband this year, a holiday she loved. I am so very sorry she lost her strong fight to the end. The world is just a little dimmer for losing her bright light. thinking about her husband and family, for their loss, Stefanie

  16. Sherri

    Gerry, I don’t think we ever met. I knew Lea from the BrCa support group. She was a shining light, and I’m glad to have known her at least a little bit.

    I hope you will be carried gently by loved ones as you walk your road now alone. May Lea’s memory be for a blessing, and may you eventually feel comfort for having had her in your life.


  17. Gabriel (nyancat19091)

    Lea/Calico you were one of the best people Ive ever met on ethicraft. You always made me laugh and it was always fun for flos you and I to always go meow and nyan. I’m 1000000000000% sure you are frolicking in Heaven with the lord as we speak. We all miss you, R.I.P- NyanCat19091

  18. Bita

    I am so sad to hear of Lea passing away. I went to college with her and was in touch with her on and often after graduation and during her illness. I was going to post a Birthday greetings… when I realized that she was no more. My prayers are with the family, knowing her, I am sure her family is just as strong as her… in accepting God’s decree. God Bless her noble soul.

  19. Adonis 'Stickington' Metz

    Its very dreadful that we had to lose such a nice friend, even if it was just through the internet. She was always cheery, and was never EVER mad at anyone. She was by far the kindest person I have ever met. No one can compare to her. She was the best friend anyone could have gotten. Nothing can top that. Nothing. Although we want her back, we cant have her back, for God only chooses the best ones. May her soul gratefully rest in peace, and remain safely in our memories for us to cherish. Bye, Lea/CalicoKat. We miss you. <3

    ~Adonis 'Stickington' Metz

  20. musinguzi moses

    one’s prudence on earth culminates into their grace in the life after this.she is already given what she deserved,no doubt.sorry 4 the bereaved.

  21. Susan Yates

    I am only learning of Lea’s passing now. My thoughts are with her family and in particular Gerry. I will always remember her bright smile.


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